You also expressed a feeling that it was a relief to come over here and not have to cover him every night. Is that true?

It is a relief to be out of the vitriolic stew that is cable news prime time. And the stew got spicier under President Trump for every journalist, not just for me. While I was perfectly capable of doing it, that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it. And frankly, a lot of my former colleagues who are still in cable news, not just at Fox, but elsewhere, have similar feelings. It’s not the way it used to be, being a journalist today. He is effectively, and not just him, but his most ardent supporters, have made us players on the field instead of on the sidelines where we belong. That’s not to say there’s not media bias. There are so many reporters who are completely biased against Trump, it’s absurd.

Like who?

Uh. Right. But it’s absurd. He’s right that they’re biased against him. They’re extremely biased against him. And some play right into it. They do themselves no service with that tactic. But that doesn’t change the fact that he puts them in a dangerous place by targeting them. You’ve got the alt-right stoking every divisive fire they can. You have conservatives who see their issues diminished regularly, or ignored, or mocked. Why can’t I watch the Emmys without seeing Sean Spicer? What was he doing there? Can’t I just watch the fabulous gowns? Can’t I have an escape? Must everything be political? Everything? EVERYTHING! I’m sick of it. And I’m not the only one.