The posturing from people who believe that a stupid documentary about Hillary Clinton financed by a right-wing nonprofit group was a grave internal threat to our democratic order is tiresome. Our elections have for decades been a grotesque contest of fundraising one-upmanship among the billionaire class. The painfully earnest high-school civics class image of our sacrosanct democratic process is a false one. Lots of countries interfere in foreign elections, including ours. We’ve been doing it for more than a half a century, and we’re still doing it now.

The Russia hysteria is only one symptom of a larger pattern of schizophrenia among American liberals, who spend half their time trading in ’60s boomer nostalgia for the good old days when war was bad and the FBI and CIA were organs of right-wing intolerance controlled by Hoover and Nixon and Dubya for their own devious benefits and the other half using the abstract language of professionalism to justify their support for idiotic overseas adventures and prostrating themselves before the authority of our intelligence services whenever it was convenient.