Or to put it in the lingo of our time: That’s how you get Trump.

Having gotten him, liberals lately have been arguing that any madness or folly or ideological mania on their own side pales in comparison with the extremism at work in Trump-era conservatism. This argument has force: With Trump in the White House the know-nothing side of the right has much more direct political power at the moment than the commissars of liberalism.

But it is also important to recognize that the folly of the campus rape tribunals is not just an extremism isolated in the peculiar hothouse of the liberal academy. The abandonment of due process on campus was encouraged by activists and accepted by administrators, yes, but it was the actual work of the Obama White House — an expression of what a liberalism enthroned in our executive branch and vested with the powers of the federal bureaucracy believed would defend the sexual revolution and serve the common good.