I thought there was hope that Hollywood was starting to turn the page from the election because we went nearly 45 minutes without any Trump references at the Tony Awards earlier this summer. Those 45 minutes felt like a breath of fresh air after two years of unrelenting Trump-bashing. This year’s Emmys barely lasted 45 seconds. Colbert, the host of the show, had an opening musical number and a monologue that were dominated by Trump. Several winners like John Lithgow, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Alec Baldwin, Donald Glover, and presenters like Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin all had to squeeze in their jabs towards the president.

If you hate Trump with a passion, then you found this award show — like every other award show since 2015 — enjoyable. But if you either support Trump or even feel indifferently about him, it seems like you’re not exactly welcomed. Prior to Trump, award shows didn’t really go out of their way to get political besides from the occasional acceptance speech. We all know they supported President Obama and they weren’t fans of President Bush but they never really alienated Republicans, conservatives, or even moderates during those presidencies. Now, these award shows don’t give a damn if Trump supporters tune in or not because Hollywood’s mental health problems have yet to be treated. And it seems like until Trump loses his reelection or gets impeached, it is humanly impossible for them to keep him out of their award shows.