It’s not just academia. Erik Wemple of The Washington Post wrote last week about a recent social media workshop at Politico in which editors warned staffers against loosely opining on controversial topics “just for the sake of weighing in.” Sage advice, to be sure, especially for an outlet like Politico that prides itself on being trustworthy and nonpartisan.

But then Wemple relays this detail: “Staffers at Friday’s meeting asked whether it was okay to tweet their opinions about topics such as physical attacks on journalists and white supremacy — i.e., matters that receive and deserve widespread condemnation. ‘The editors’ message was very hesitant: Try to stay away from those things because some of them are partisan,’ said a source in attendance.”

That an issue like white supremacy would be considered “partisan” is a testament to how drastically progressives have managed to redefine the terms of public debate. White supremacy is not in fact partisan, but what Politico’s editors are implying is what many on the Left proclaim outright: Republicans and everyone who supports President Trump are white supremacists. Even ESPN hosts now feel the need to shout this on Twitter.