Recently, I heard a panel of conservatives. One said that Romney was no conservative. Another said that John McCain was no conservative. But Donald J. Trump? Listen, he could nationalize industry and institute single-payer health care, and much of the Right would regard him, and hail him, as a conservative.

Anthony Daniels, the writer who sometimes works under the name “Theodore Dalrymple,” has said this: “Trump, by his crudity, will wind up strengthening the forces of political correctness.” Possibly. And what a rotten outcome that would be.

Are there worse things in the world than saying “boobs” on television? Why, of course. I say worse things every hour (though not on television). I believe in “Lighten up.” I also believe in judgment and taste — in time and place. And I don’t think the Fox guy’s ode to boobs should be celebrated as some conservative victory.