What’s more, as I’ve been arguing for years, a stand-alone DREAM Act to amnesty them is a non-starter. Yet the imagination of our lawmakers is so limited that Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin recently introduced yet another freestanding DREAM Act, without bundling in any enforcement measures or legal-immigration offsets.

The anti-borders crowd’s real fear is that DACA will be added to the multi-state lawsuit, led by Texas, against DAPA – Obama’s even larger lawless amnesty for illegals with U.S.-born children, that never went into effect because it was stopped in the courts. Since the legal pretext used by the Obama administration to justify DACA is identical to DAPA, it could well be that at the next hearing on the lawsuit, coming up in a few weeks, the judge will allow DACA to be swapped in for DAPA (which DHS has rescinded). If that were to happen, DHS Secretary Kelly, now White House Chief of Staff, has said the administration might not be able to defend it in court. (I don’t think there’s any “might” about it.)