But something’s going to have to be done about it. That crazy Robert Mueller fellow is already crossing a red line by looking into your personal finances. The only way to end that kind of fishing expedition is to torpedo it before it really gets going. He’s got to go. And if Sessions won’t fire him, then he’s got to go, too. And you obviously can’t have Rod Rosenstein inherit the top job, since he hired Mueller in the first place. Is there any rule that says you have to have an attorney general?

And while we’re on positions that might be better left empty: secretary of state. Rex Tillerson came with such high recommendations — Bob Gates, Condoleeza Rice. But once again, he’s been a terrible disappointment. Relations with Russia are a disaster — you’d think a guy who Vladimir Putin personally gave a medal could do more than say expelling our diplomats is “uncalled for.” Tillerson is reportedly deeply unhappy with the position and eager to leave. And when someone isn’t happy in their job, they don’t tend to do good work. If you replace him, you should pick someone with the proper enthusiasm. I understand Mooch is available.