The corps commander was with his staff when the infantry poured in. His mouth dropped as two dozen guns covered him. The 82nd’s commander pointed to the three star.

“Sir, you are relieved by order of the Secretary of Defense. Sergeant Major, take the commander and his primary staff into custody.” Once the coup plotters were taken out, the new commander turned to the room and said to the stunned assembly, “Okay gentlemen, I am now going to brief you on Operation NIJMEGEN.”

The window glass shattered under fire and the pane fell across the HMS Resolute desk in the Oval Office. General Kelly and the Secret Service agents, clutching long weapons, ducked down. They were outgunned, and the enemy outside – which apparently included Army forces – was closing in across the White House grounds. A couple agents dead lay on the carpet, sprawled across the seal. Down below many meters, the President and his family were secure in the bunker – for now.