Rabaiotti says the new hashtag was born during a discussion she had on Twitter with New Zealand-based marine biologist Melissa Marquez and Missouri-based entomologist Dalton Ludwick. The emotion behind their new social media blitz is something scientists have been quietly grumbling about for a while, Rabaiotti says:

Why can’t the “dude in a lab coat” on T.V. share his spotlight with a more real-life, diverse swath of science experts?

Nye’s new Netflix show, which premiered in April to mixed reviews, features cameos from the likes of Karlie Kloss and Zach Braff – but largely leaves the hard science up to Nye alone.

Rabaiotti says that’s not good form: “In science what you do is say, ‘oh, that’s not my area of expertise, but here is someone who knows the answer.’”