For months, I’ve traveled the country talking with dozens of Trump voters. No one has ever brought up Russia, an issue that President Trump seems obsessed with. The topic never came up in Ohio, Kentucky or Michigan. Last week, I was in Wisconsin. There too, Russia never came up, nor did the FBI, both of which are dominating news from the White House.

These states went to Trump and were critical to his election. All voters there want to talk about is how America needs more jobs. They don’t mean jobs at McDonald’s or an Amazon warehouse. They mean jobs that will allow them to have decent, middle class lives, that pay over $25 an hour, and come with health care and retirement benefits.

Jobs and wages are “why we voted him in,” says Kenneth Olsen, a 60-year-old factory worker from Racine, Wisconsin, who has been told his job is moving to Canada soon. He’s deeply concerned that he and his wife might lose their house after he’s laid off.