In any event, I think we can see the laying of the groundwork whereby conservatives are universally punished for the sins of a man many of us never supported. A “tweetstorm” by The New Republic’s Brian Beutler seems like a harbinger of things to come. You’d have to read the whole thing, but among his many thoughts, Beutler observes “Very few profiles in courage here, in other words, but no new such profiles can be written now.” He continues:

“The few consistent #NeverTrumpers were also largely #NeverHillary, and thus muddied clear distinctions.”

Beutler is a keen observer of politics, but it occurs to me that liberals have a conflict of interest when it comes to this. In many cases, they wanted Trump to fail, which is to say they wanted the president to fail (which is something I wasn’t rooting for). What is more, their assumption of the moral high ground (the result of consistently opposing this morally dubious man no matter what he did) is facile—and their laments that conservatives didn’t oppose every facet of a Trump administration constitute mere concern trolling.

Want to talk about what isn’t a profile in courage? Being a liberal who refused to give Trump any credit hardly constitutes as one.