3. You Want To Be Mentored, Listened to, and Affirmed

Millennials are huge on this, and we can understand why. They grew up in a world of customer service, confidence-building pedagogy, and social media that offers everyone their own soap box. Why is church the one place were people don’t seem that interested in what you think?

Here’s a possibility: maybe pastors wisely recognize that you aren’t necessarily the one with the great ideas. Maybe church is a place for people who have realized how much they need to learn.

I’m not suggesting that mentorship and understanding are bad things. But if you’ve left church because you can’t find one that “listens” enough, you’re probably the one who needs to do some listening.

4. You Think Jesus Is a Great Role Model for the Socially Conscious
Many millennials reject church because they don’t hear the message they expected. They see the Christian message a certain way, and don’t hear their version preached from the pulpit.

So here’s a question: if you already know so much about the Gospel, what’s the point of church anyway? Is it just a Jesus fan club?

Some people see Jesus as more than a super-inspiring guy who cheers you on while you pursue your life goals. And again, if he is just a great life coach, there’s no point spending your Sunday morning in dinged-up church pews. Get on with The Real Business, whatever you think that is.