It’s here that Kushner’s loyalty to Trump — a commitment to building his popularity and maintaining his connection to ordinary Americans — would militate against advising in favor of a bruising, ideologically motivated game of chicken with Democratic lawmakers.

What would a “pragmatic deal” with Schumer on ObamaCare look like? It’s easy enough to imagine the scrapping of the employer mandate as well as the permanent elimination of the medical device tax. The individual mandate may also be traded for something like automatic enrollment in a randomly chosen health plan, with a clause allowing enrollees to opt out of the plan if they choose. The hated “Cadillac tax” on the most comprehensive employer health plans could also end up on the ash heap.

ObamaCare, but with fewer “pay-fors”: That’s what TrumpCare may look like. And Kushner, a trusted moderate adviser with Trump’s ear, could get the president there.