The likes of Meryl Streep and other out-of-touch coastal elitists are not the sole reason Trump was elected in November, but they certainly made his road to the White House easier. While Trump was spending the final days of the campaign holding rallies in Rust Belt states Hillary never bothered to set foot in, Hillary was sending celebrity surrogates like Beyonce and Jay-Z into Ohio to drum up last-minute support. One candidate worked tirelessly to prove to Americans he was in touch with their plight, while the other thought a concert would do the trick to convince fence-sitting voters to turn out to the polls wearing pant suits on November 8.

Instead of talking to Americans about why they supported Trump, his opponents spent their time mocking and deriding them. Hillary and her surrogates talked at and down to Trump supporters instead of with them. A vote for him was both a vote against this behavior and a vote for a significant change from the status quo, which Hillary represented. As evidenced by Streep’s speech, the Left has yet to learn from 2016. If you want more Trump, last night’s speech is how you get him.

Perhaps instead of being paid millions per movie to play the role of real Americans, Streep and those who cheered her Sunday in the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills may want to spend some time in those hometowns of theirs, a beer in one hand with some football on the television. The side effects of doing so, however, may be that they understand that the folks they grew up alongside aren’t the knuckle-dragging morons Meryl believes them to be, even if they did vote for Trump. If they knock back enough Budweisers, middle Americans may even clue them in as to why.