Twitter falls into that category of something we once thought was good for us but turned out to be toxic, like cigarettes or asbestos. The site is notorious as a haven for bullying and sociopathic behavior. It enables terrorists and hate groups. It enables Kanye West. Despite pledges to clean up the site, Twitter’s leadership has done next to nothing.

Twitter has, of course, also enabled Donald Trump. Half the voters in the U.S.—or, well, about 3 million less than half—think this is splendid. The other half, and just about the entire rest of the planet, believe there is zero upside to a free-form tweeting President Trump. The biggest potential downside: He starts a nuclear war in 140 characters or less.

Trump alone is enough reason to throw the master switch at Twitter headquarters and shut off the whole thing. Imagine what Trump would be like without his Twitter. He doesn’t use email or a computer. He’ll never figure out Snapchat. He’d be stripped of his weapon of choice for menacing his victims, like the Abominable Snowman after Hermey the Elf pulls its teeth.