Americans of every race intuit that the solution to poverty and race relations isn’t government handouts and scolding, but rather the same underpinnings of success that have benefitted all ethnic communities – a functioning education system and the economic opportunities that can only come from economic growth. To achieve these things, you have to be willing to take on private interests – including public school unions and bureaucracies that stand in the way of desperately needed educational reform. That kind of change requires a Beltway outsider who understands how to leverage power and is beholden to no special interests.

Many establishment conservatives are unable to understand Trump’s appeal. Some are apoplectic about Trump’s possible victory. But, at least some progressives do understand Trump’s appeal. Looking at what message Trump should focus on, progressive commentator Chris Matthews suggested: “If you don’t like the way things have been headed, you have a chance to really shake the system to its roots. And if you wake up the day after the election, and if it is the same as it is today. If it’s the same four, five, or eight years from now, remember you had the chance to change it but you were too dainty to do it.”

Hopefully, a majority of voters will take that message to heart.