In a motion filed in federal court in San Diego Saturday evening, attorneys for Trump said the looming jury trial should not divert him from the “critical and all- consuming” work of preparing for the presidency.

However, Trump’s lawyers said they’re open to the idea of him giving another deposition in the case before he is sworn in on Jan. 20.

“The President-Elect should not be required to stand trial during the next two months while he prepares to assume the Presidency. The time and attention to prepare and testify will take him away from imperative transition work at a critical time,” Trump attorneys Daniel Petrocelli, David Marroso and David Kirman wrote. “We acknowledge plaintiffs have a right to trial of their claims, but their rights will not be abridged if trial were continued to a date after the inauguration to allow the President-Elect to devote all his time and attention to the transition process.”