2. Cobble together four states
Iowa (6), Nevada (6), Maine-2 (1), New Hampshire (4): 270 electoral votes

If Trump can’t win Pennsylvania — and there are few outward positive signs there — every other path requires carrying multiple states.

Clinton operatives concede that Iowa, along with Ohio, is the swing state they are most likely to lose next Tuesday. In fact, some political operatives see it as more likely that Trump carries Iowa — a very white state — than more diverse Florida and North Carolina. The trouble for Trump is it is only worth six electoral college votes.
So he’d only be at 259.

Trump has shown some signs of late movement in Nevada, adding a stop there Saturday as one CNN survey shows him ahead. The state presents two fascinating demographic cross currents: it is the most Hispanic swing state in the country while at the same time home to the fewest white voters with a college degree of any battleground. The former vote overwhelmingly for Clinton; the latter for Trump.
Win there, and he’s at 265.

He’ll need more pick-ups: carrying Maine’s more rural second congressional district (where he has campaigned repeatedly for one electoral vote) and where polls have shown a competitive race, and New Hampshire.