We conservatives did not much like Barack Obama back then, though we liked him a little better then than after we got to know him better. Still, there was some satisfaction in watching that nobody from nowhere swoop in and take the Democratic nomination from the Clintons, who regarded it as a personal fief. (It was less satisfying when he was elected president, and even less when he was reelected.) We sang a few premature choruses of “Ding Dong, the Witch Is Dead.”

We conservatives do not think very much of Donald Trump either, and many of us expect to think less of him the more we get to know him. His election may very well prove to be the equivalent of using a neutron bomb to clear out a cockroach infestation, or a ball-peen hammer to remove an achy tooth — but what a human toothache we had in Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I hope she has a long and happy life with wonderful grandchildren and at the end of it enters into the Bosom of Abraham after just a brief century or three’s purgation. If she makes another couple hundred million dollars between now and then, I won’t begrudge it.

And I hope that I am never obliged to write the name “Clinton” again until then.