“Amen,” I thought to myself (and only to myself) since I was sitting in hostile territory — an enormous basement level media filing room at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. As it had been widely reported, the gigantic convention space was chosen for Hillary Clinton’s election night victory coronation because it had a glass ceiling. Clinton was planning to symbolically break through the ceiling by winning the election and becoming the first woman president. And it would have been the perfect visual. But instead, another leader was chosen in the most dramatic political upset in modern history and I believe this was no coincidence. In fact, the hand of the Almighty at work.

As a Christian, I am blessed with numerous Christian friends many of whom were actively supporting the Trump campaign. One group of friends participated in a weekly telephone prayer group to pray for Donald Trump’s victory and the nation at large. The effort was organized, and lead by Donna Rice Hughes, president of Enough is Enough, a children’s and family internet safety advocacy organization.

Last night while Trump began racking up a series of electoral votes in battleground states, I was receiving emails from Donna’s prayer group members — many of whom are extremely influential Republicans. Venturing upstairs to walk among the hundreds of loyal Clinton supporters and staffers who were jammed in the Javits Center, I read the prayer messages while laughing to myself imagining the horror if those around me knew what I was reading.