One thing that was striking was just how young McMullin’s core team was. These are not the aged cable personalities and Republican Party has-beens that found themselves aboard the Trump train for one last middle-fingered stab at the Oval Office. They looked like Obama’s digital team from 2008.

“Almost our entire campaign team was under 40, and this was the first time for us to have someone from our generation running for President.” Rumpf said.

This is the lost generation that the GOP has ignored on college campuses and just out of college, disenchanted by Barack Obama’s failed promises of hope and the GOP’s willful refusal to embrace the future.

The GOP didn’t need them this election. But they will in elections to come. Polls of younger generations are skewing further toward the populist socialism of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Four (eight?) years of a Trump presidency may accelerate that trend. McMullin supporters wanted to send a clear signal that not everyone will fall in line and go along for the ride.