Before the sun came up in this Pittsburgh suburb, 12 Texans and a young man from Norway were already on their second cup of coffee and set to get on with the business of helping Republican Donald J. Trump win in the stubbornly blue state of Pennsylvania.

“We are here to make sure that not one voter in Western Pennsylvania isn’t contacted face-to-face to remind them to vote for Trump,” said George Woodruff of Gunter, Texas, a retired Marine and airline pilot.

Meet the members of the Mighty Texas Strike Force, a group of nearly 2,000 mostly Texans who have deployed across several battleground states to push voters to pick the Republican in this year’s presidential election.

“We were founded during then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush’s first campaign for the presidency,” explained Rick Potter, the head of the organization. “We are a group of devoted Texas volunteers who have deployed to several national battleground swing states ever since his first election.”