“The attacks on Governor Johnson from the left were relentless as it became clear that many millennials and former [Bernie] Sanders voters were looking closely at our ticket,” Hunter said. “If those attacks weren’t quite effective enough for the Clinton camp, it is certainly not our responsibility.”

Likewise, Libertarian leaders in the states with the closest margins rejected any idea that it’s their fault that Clinton lost.

“They have to earn our votes. We don’t owe anybody any votes,” said Shawn Patrick House, the state chairman of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, who ran in the 16th Congressional District. “That’s why our Libertarian mascot is the porcupine. Don’t step on the porcupine.”

In an Election Night shocker, Trump won the Pennsylvania contest by about 68,000 votes, about half of the 142,000 votes Johnson and Weld won. But House said Pennsylvania Libertarians wouldn’t have voted for the nominees of either major party, who went out of their way to keep Johnson and Weld out of the presidential and vice presidential debates. “They don’t deserve our votes,” he said. “This is a vote of no consent. By not voting for Republicans or Democrats, we don’t consent to what’s going on.”