As for me: I can’t breathe. I need to come up for air. So do all Americans who value a system of checks and balances on power. Looking back on my support for Ted Cruz, I realize that neither he—nor any of the other candidates save outsider Donald Trump, warts and all—had a snowball’s chance in hell of truly taking on the mammoth Clinton machine.

As its machinations come into focus, it seems clearer to me that only a street fighter like Trump could have taken this on. It’s like we deplorable clingers are hanging on the very edge of a vast abyss. Perhaps Cruz or Marco Rubio would have had a chance in a more stable America, in a more virtuous America less poisoned by a massive propaganda machine. But not in this culture of corruption fed endlessly by political correctness.

America, as the Land of the Free, is being suffocated. The Constitution—a document that was designed to abolish slavery in all of its forms—is under water. It’s being sold down the river for a Nietzschean will-to-power style of politics in which too much power rests in the hands of too few people.

Would a Trump victory give us breathing room and allow Americans the chance to reassess our trajectory, and change course towards a semblance of political sanity? That may seem an open question to some Republicans who resist voting for Trump. Be that as it may, it is an open question. With a Hillary Clinton victory, the answer is a definitive “No. Closed question. No breathing space.”