This is an election where gender and race matter – and make the difference. Women favor Clinton, men narrowly give Trump an edge. Those under 45 support Clinton, those 65 and older favor Trump. And without the overwhelming votes Clinton receives from minority voters, she would be trailing Trump.

Partisans, for the most part, have come back to their respective party nominee. 90% of Democrats are supporting Clinton, 84% of Republicans favor Trump. What fuels Clinton voters is that they like her. Nearly two is three say they are voting for Clinton and not against Trump. Trump supporters are almost as likely to say they are supporting Trump as a way to show their opposition to Clinton.

But both groups are equally likely to care about the outcome. More than nine in ten admit they “care a lot” about what happens. There is a general expectation that Clinton will win: nearly twice as many voters say she will win as think Trump will. Each candidate’s supporters have different levels of sureness that they are backing a winner: 83% of Clinton’s voters think she will win compared with 59% of Trump voters who see him as the likely victor.