While most voters (62 percent) said they were not contacted by either presidential campaign, more than twice as many voters said they were contacted by Clinton’s campaign (17 percent) than Trump’s (8 percent). Another 9 percent said they were contacted by both campaigns.

The data also shows that Clinton’s ground game is tracking with President Obama’s vaunted operation in 2008, when, according to the National Election Pool, 13 percent of voters said they’d heard from his campaign. Six percent that year said they heard from Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

In our exit poll, almost three out of 10 Democrats (29 percent) said they were contacted by Clinton’s campaign, compared with 16 percent of Republicans who said they heard from the Trump campaign. Independents were also twice as likely to hear from Clinton’s campaign (10 percent) as Trump’s (5 percent), and 12 percent said they heard from both campaigns.