But obviously, something has changed. FBI director James Comey’s announcement October 28 that the investigation into Clinton’s non-secure e-mails as secretary of state was resuming undoubtedly contributed to it. And the race may already have been tightening after the announcement of what Trump might call yuuuuuge Obamacare premium increases.

After all, Clinton is seeking a third Democratic term, though the signature policies of the current Democratic president — Obamacare, the Iranian nuclear deal — have always been unpopular.

The response to the Comey announcement of those on Team Clinton — which includes many of the mainstream media, as well as the Clinton campaign — reeked of panic. They clearly didn’t see this coming.

The first response was to attack Comey for addressing his letter only to Republican members of Congress. In fact, it was addressed, in line with typical executive branch practice, to the appropriate committee members of both parties. An unforced error or, as the British would say, an own goal.

Then came an attack on Comey for violating Justice Department “protocol” — a word used a dozen times by vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine in one interview.