Like an iPhone that no longer recognizes touch screen demands, Kelly declined.

Gingrich is far from the first man to seem positively perplexed by Kelly refusing to act like a preprogrammed android.

Earlier this month, Kelly exchanged barbs with Fox News colleague Sean Hannity. After Trump spoke to Hannity, a doe-eyed supporter of the Republican presidential nominee, Kelly remarked that she wondered if Trump would speak to the real journalists. Hannity, like a dissatisfied guest at Westworld, got mad. “u should be mad at Hillary Clinton Clearly u support her!” Hannity tweeted (and [sic]).

In a 2013 interview, Megyn Kelly took on conservative pundits Erik Erickson and Lou Dobbs, both of whom were arguing that feminism was turning women into a race of dominant man-eaters. Kelly was incredulous of her guests’ insistence that working mothers were at the root of society’s downfall, needling Dobbs as he attempted to link women working outside of the home to divorce and thus social chaos. “Excuse me,” said Dobbs, as though admonishing a sassy robot waitress at a futuristic Tokyo diner. “Let me just finish if I may, oh dominant one.”