“I don’t think the Republican Party will ever be again what it was,” said Linda Hudson, 65, a South Carolinian who attended Trump’s rally in Fletcher, North Carolina, this week. “I probably would still continue to vote because I feel strongly about that, but I will not participate in anything else. I think me, like a lot of people, we’re just disgusted with what’s happened this go-round.”

“He’s fighting for his voters,” said Stacy Whitted, 46, of Chesapeake, Virginia, at a rally in Virginia Beach. “So I don’t want him to concede. I believe it’s rigged. And I think he should fight because he’s fighting for his voters who wanted him to win.”

But if he loses, Whitted said, “I think it’s going to fire us up even more and try to push Hillary out. Get her in prison. Just kidding.”

“I think it will continue within the Republican Party but I think the Republican Party will change, and I think that the establishment who think they’ll be able to take hold again will be very surprised,” said Rachel McKinney, 81, of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, at Trump’s speech at Gettysburg last week.