I must say that one of the many elements of the Clinton email scandal which has always confused me is what the “conservative” narrative about Comey is supposed to be. If he knows that he should have indicted her but didn’t because he was “in the tank,” or simply too afraid to effectively take out a major presidential nominee, then today’s action obviously makes no sense at all, especially since all the leaks surrounding the story seem to downplay the factual basis for Comey’s letter.

How or why did Comey go from super-cautious to hyper-aggressive? How did his shackles suddenly come off just before an election?

To me, you have to remain at least somewhat consistent in your narrative for it be credible, and conservatives especially have been all over the place with Comey. Unless he is some sort of schizophrenic, their theory, what there is of one (Rush Limbaugh theorized today that this is both a conspiracy to help Hillary as well as one to get on Trump’s good side before he is elected!) simply doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.