Clinton leads among women (56% to 31%) and voters with a college degree (56% to 34%). These results are similar to Clinton’s advantage with women (56% to 30%) and college graduates (54% to 31%) last month. Trump leads among men (54% to 34%) and voters without a college education (50% to 35%), which is slightly better than his September margins among men (47% to 37%) and non-college graduates (47% to 40%).

“Trump’s support among his base voters has ticked up, but not enough to erase Clinton’s overall advantage,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.

New Hampshire voters have a slightly more negative view of Trump than Clinton. Only 28% have a favorable opinion of the Republican nominee while 61% hold an unfavorable view of him. This compares with a 30% favorable and 63% unfavorable rating last month. Slightly more voters (33%) have a favorable opinion of the Democratic nominee while 57% hold an unfavorable view of her. This compares with a 36% favorable and 56% unfavorable rating last month.