Barring a miracle, Hillary Clinton will be elected president in less than two weeks. And this will be in no small part because Donald Trump is a foul and strutting misogynist whom a lot of women can’t stand.

Ever since the Access Hollywood tapes surfaced, showing the Republican nominee boasting about sexually assaulting women, every time he opens his mouth, a new victim comes forward and Clinton’s lead with women widens by several points.

Clinton claimed during the final debate that he demeans and belittles women – and as if to prove her right, Trump called her “what a nasty woman.” And a CBS poll earlier in the week suggests that women agree, with seven out of 10 saying that they feel that Trump does not respect them. The same poll gave Clinton a 19-point lead among women. But even worse for Trump, in key swing sates, Clinton’s gender gap has widened from 5 to 15 points. Even evangelical women and military wives are utterly disgusted by Trump and flocking to Clinton.