Back when Donald Trump was winning Republican primaries, many observers marveled that he had somehow suspended the law of political gravity. The rules did not seem to apply to him. And indeed, they didn’t — all the way to the GOP nomination.

Only in the general election has the law of political gravity reasserted itself, with a vengeance. Gaffes are killing Trump. Revelations about his past behavior are doing grievous damage. The inadequacies of his campaign are hurting him every day.

But what is less noticed is that the sheer unimaginative, competent conventionality of Hillary Clinton’s campaign is killing Trump, too. On the stump, Clinton is following all the rules that Trump ignores. She is doing it the old-fashioned way — in a style that doesn’t thrill even her supporters but makes her seem a safe and solid choice in an election in which most voters don’t seem inclined to gamble.