Bennett’s individual circumstances aside, the number of departures, some of them after very short times on the job, are a pretty clear red flag about the Trump organization. When a staffer of Kellems’ experience resigns in an open note to staff — “To whom it may concern: I hereby resign my appointment as Director of Surrogates for Mr. Trump,” Kellems wrote — strange things are happening. Something is wrong in TrumpWorld.

Among GOP politicos not associated with the campaign, there’s a commonly-accepted explanation: As an organization, TrumpWorld is a mess. “Total dysfunction, zero plan, bifurcated leadership, and a principal who is so unwilling to be staffed it makes it impossible to have any self respect, pride in your work or sense of accomplishment,” one veteran of many Republican campaigns told me.

The strategist blamed Lewandowski — actually, not the former campaign manager himself but the conditions that allowed him to prosper for so long. “No one experienced, professional, or qualified could work in a place where a ‘Corey type’ could thrive and be successful for a year,” the politico wrote. “It’s not rational. No one would hire Corey for field job on a congressional campaign in New Hampshire. This proves staff are hired to check boxes and appease the media that they’re ‘professionalizing’ the campaign.”