Of course, Senator Cruz et al. should have known well before the grassy-knoll and eek-a-Mexican-judge stuff that Donald Trump is unfit for the office of the presidency. And that is what he is: morally, intellectually, and politically unfit for office. Is Hillary Rodham Clinton actually Satan in the flesh? Of course Hillary Rodham Clinton is actually Satan in the flesh; Donald Trump is still unfit for office. It isn’t Ted Cruz’s fault, or John Kasich’s, or Marco Rubio’s, or Jeb Bush’s, that the American public in free and fair elections chose two major-party candidates whose preening self-regard, dishonesty, moral cowardice, and incompetence is in each candidate’s case the best and only argument for the other candidate.

Well done, America.

Cruz and the rest should not be bullied into accepting the nonsense that refusing to go in for Trump is a vote for Mrs. Clinton. It isn’t. Declining to support Trump is an act of integrity and good taste. It isn’t anything Cruz or Bush has done that makes Trump unsupportable — that is Trump’s doing, and no one else’s.

If there is a revolt in Cleveland — as there should be — it will be entirely understandable, and justifiable. If the delegates end up playing fast and loose with the nomination rules, it may be that the Republican party needs some new ones — the Democratic party and its undemocratic “superdelegate” system sure is looking smart right about now: They didn’t need McGovern to tell them twice.