The main GOP report also revealed that five of the ten action items decided during a two-hour secure video teleconference that evening among senior administration officials – including Secretary Clinton – involved how they would promote the YouTube video fiction, including an effort to get YouTube to “take down” the offensive video.

My jaw dropped when I read that: so Mrs. Clinton, who was the only named Cabinet official to attend the secure teleconference, believed it was equally important to orchestrate the lies the administration planned to tell the U.S. public as it was to organize a military response to the attack that in the end never happened?

In their shameless effort to dull the impact of that revelation, Committee Democrats sneeringly claimed that news of the secure video teleconference was “not news.”

But they overlooked one telling detail: the video mentioned in the action item was not the one the administration later spent so much time blaming for the attacks, but a folksy sermon about the differences between Islam and Christianity by an Oregon preacher known as “Pastor Jon.”

Why have you never heard of that video? Because it is completely irrelevant to what happened in Benghazi, or indeed, to any of the subsequent violent protests in the Middle East.