When we talk about seeing queer images of ourselves in media, I never see myself in actual queer media. To read, watch and listen to the gay world as it is presented today you would not even know that somebody like me exists. And there are many, many more just like me. The question is: Why is our community uninterested in our voice?

As we have advocated for years, the best way to understand the other side is to simply talk with them. I rarely find those on the left willing to discuss issues with me. I am well aware of their views but they are utterly ignorant of mine and yet they hold an astounding number of opinions about what mine must be. If you talk with me, or Milo or Bruce or any of the others you will find an entirely different world of ideas and views. You might even find you agree with us on many of them.

In truth, to support liberty is to welcome all walks of life to live freely as they choose. I used to be on the left and I used to be extremely liberal and I found myself drawn to the right because of my belief in liberty over coercion to preferred results. I have never understood why this realization is so threatening to those I left behind.

I do not find a tolerating enemy on the right. Quite the opposite. In nearly all of my interactions, I am most often defended and supported by those on the right while attacked and vilified by those on the left.