Immediately after Wisconsin, Republican strategist Mike Murphy, who directed the Jeb Bush Super PAC, tweeted, “My guess: Trump will get <44% in NY and not reach expectations." On Tuesday night, after Murphy received the inevitable Twitter razzing for being wrong about New York, he answered, "Yup. I was wrong post WI. I thought Stop Trump would hit him hard in w NY and keep him in low 40's. They should've." But they didn't. So now, the question is what next for #NeverTrump? They will probably work hardest toward blocking Trump in Indiana, which holds its primary on May 3, and in which Cruz is thought to have a solid chance. But before that, the race will hit what could be an inflection point. Next week, most likely, Cruz will be mathematically eliminated from winning 1,237 delegates before the Republican convention. Like Kasich, he will no longer have even a theoretical chance of entering the convention a winner. His campaign will be entirely negative — to keep Trump below 1,237. In effect, every vote for Cruz will be a strategic vote.