So forgetting how he got here, let’s acknowledge that Trump’s position is sane, logical and — perhaps most notably — divorced from the cultural persuasions of either his adopted political party or many of his supporters.

For one, on its face, laws that prohibit a transgendered male-to-female from using a public women’s restroom are totally unenforceable. Trump’s famously overly-simplified approach to issues — Build a wall! Bomb the s–t out of them! Ban them all! — is probably helpful here. Are we going to arrest people for choosing the wrong restroom? Are we going to post a police officer outside every public restroom? Are they going to look for Adam’s apples or breasts? Or will guards ask outright what a person’s gender is? This is, in a word, absurd.

For another — and this is the argument Trump would make if he were at all fluent in conservative political thought — it is entirely UN-conservative to essentially grow the government to support an outsized Big Brother police state that will monitor our bathroom trips. This is the stuff of Orwell, not Locke.

It’s also a solution in search of a problem, as Trump noted. Is there an epidemic of trans agitators exploiting their adopted genders to invade women’s restrooms and do untoward stuff to young girls? If so, I missed all the paranoia over non-trans men sneaking into women’s bathrooms, and doing untoward stuff to young girls. What is to stop any man from walking into a public ladies’ room in the first place?