Trump responded Sunday at a rally in Staten Island, NY, saying that over the course of the past thirty years, China has “waged an economic war against [the United States].”

“You have to look at my response to China,” Trump said excitedly. “Because it is what someone has to say. Because we can’t continue to get ripped off like we’re being ripped off. You’ve got to look at it… I’m not talking about war. But they have waged economic war against us.”

“And I’m not angry about China, in fact I respect them… I’m angry at our leaders for being so incompetent that they allow it to happen. And I said this as part of my response to the Wall Street Journal when they just called. I said, in the history of the world, this is the greatest theft ever perpetrated by anyone or any country, what China has done to us.”

“I see the empty buildings all over Staten Island,” he said. “I see them all over… Really really sad. That’s not going to happen anymore with me.”

“The truth is, we have all the cards,” Trump said.