Reporters will get bored writing Trump-is-going-to-lose-big stories. Some will want the race to tighten. They’ll look for angles to promote the idea. You can see some of that taking shape already. The media took approving notice when experienced political operatives supplanted Trump’s posse of fanboys, who’d been running things until recently. With a change of personnel has come a little more maturity and message discipline—or what passes for discipline in a willful, insecure, ungovernable personality like Trump’s.

Small glimmers of normal candidate behavior as well as Hillary Clinton’s own unpopularity will encourage speculation that the general election might become more competitive. My money is on Trump, though, to spoil the narrative with regular outbursts of the childish bragging and bullying that is his native tongue. You can’t keep the fool in check for long. He’s too damn insecure.

Nevertheless, other Republican professionals will come to his aid. They’ll offer rationalizations such as preventing a Clinton-appointed majority on the Supreme Court. They’ll whisper assurances that they’ve surrounded Trump with grown-ups to stop him from acting on his worst impulses as a candidate and a president.

Baloney. They’ll be acting to advance their own fortunes or egos at the expense of the country.