A 2015 experiment showed that when men spoke in angry tones, they came across as more credible and more persuasive. But when women spoke forcefully, they were less likely to change people’s minds. Subjects perceived the angry women as emotional and untrustworthy.

“This might explain why Bernie Sanders is able to freely express his passion and conviction, while Hilary Clinton clearly regulates her emotions more carefully,” one of the researchers said in a press release.

Linguists have long documented different speech patterns between men and women. Women tend to use more polite or formal expressions. They are more likely to soften commands by saying “please” or even “won’t you please.” Writing in the 1970s, Robin Lakoff, a linguistics professor at UC Berkeley, observed that in situations where men might curse, women would instead utter phrases like “oh dear,” or “goodness,” or “oh fudge.”