If you’re a conservative who opposes immigration reform, conservatives put an end to it in 2008, when Republicans controlled the White House and Democrats controlled Congress. They stopped it when Obama was in the White House and Democrats controlled both legislative branches. Republicans then filibustered the DREAM Act of 2010, voted to end DACA, and then many joined the suit against DACA. Yet on numerous occasions I’ve engaged with radio talk show callers and hosts who are mad at Republicans for not doing enough. Should the RNC send two battalions to shut down the White House?

The GOP was too late to stop Obamacare, and they are partially at fault for failing to deal with health care at all. Yet only one Republican ever voted for Obamacare. The GOP sued Obama for rewriting the law without a vote of Congress and, at this point, I’ve lost count on how many times they’ve voted to repeal ACA. They sent a repeal bill to the president’s desk.

Republicans also stopped cap-and-trade, which would have create a fabricated “market” for energy in the same way Obamacare fabricates “markets” for health insurance. Stopping it went a long in undermining the continuing efforts to make fossil fuels prohibitively expensive—which was, initially, the stated goal of the administration. When Obama circumvented Congress again, Republicans across the country sued the Environmental Protection Agency.

Conservatives in Congress also put an end to a bipartisan gun-control legislation.