Ted Cruz moved with dispatch from meeting room to meeting room at the Diplomat Resort and Spa, trailed by an entourage of security, staff, and the top strategists on his campaign, who had come to help sell their candidate to members of the Republican National Committee.

The 168 members of the RNC have converged on the hotel for their quarterly meeting. What is often a dull affair has become the center of the political universe this week, with candidates, campaigns, donors, reporters, and even RNC members try to figure out what on earth will happen in July if Republicans arrive at the convention with no clear nominee.

Cruz himself was not originally scheduled to attend. His campaign announced only this morning that he would make an appearance at the affair. But the meeting is a treasure trove of delegates, because every committee member will attend the convention as a delegate. For Cruz and his brain trust, taking Wednesday afternoon to press his case was time well spent. Given that the convention will probably be contested, they must fight for every delegate.