After his richly deserved losses in delegate fights in Colorado, the man who promises his fans that he’ll be “a much different person” once they make him president went on a shrill, four-day media meltdown. He didn’t lose Colorado for any reason other than his team’s inability to understand the clearly defined rules of the delegate selection process, but that doesn’t stop the billionaire whiner from adding it to his endless recitation of real and imagined slights and grievances.

Sure, some of it is an act in which Trump tosses more red meat about the evil establishment to his conspiracy-minded base. While Colorado is a good example of how reality is a triggering event for Trump, the horror of this behavior on the campaign trail is nothing compared to what would happen with him as president.

Imagine this complainer-in-chief in the Oval Office. The constant petulance and vindictive whining about Supreme Court justices. His attorney general pursuing critics in the press and elsewhere. Imagine when this petty, vindictive, and shallow man directs his minions to use the power of his office to destroy his political opponents.

Consider what happens when the famous deal-maker gets pantsed by the wily mandarins of Congress. More importantly, imagine world leaders who understand how easily controlled Trump is by slights to his delicate ego.