Second, no reasonable person would come up with such a convoluted reason to praise someone for telling a bald faced lie that hurts the political party they support – unless they are completely in the tank for someone. I’m serious. No one would look at a situation in which Trump lost in embarrassing fashion, then lied about why (in the process of whining like a baby) and say “Trump won this exchange” unless they were desperately looking for a reason to say Trump won.

This kind of tortured and nonsense take has become all too common for Rush since he started running interference for Trump. And after yesterday’s show, there’s no other reasonable interpretation of the facts. In the existential fight for the future of conservatism, Trump has decisively sided with conservatism’s enemies.

It’s very sad and depressing to watch, much like the grizzled men under Petain’s command who had survived the trenches of Verdun must have recoiled in horror to watch him palling around with Hitler. It’s most sad that when the final history of Rush is written, this sad chapter might well be the end.