If Republican National Committee rules governing the party’s nominating process remain unchanged, it’s all but impossible for Ohio Gov. John Kasich to gain enough delegates to put his name into nomination at the convention this July.

But he can become the GOP nominee anyway.

The rule governing the Republican Party’s nomination process currently requires that a candidate demonstrate the written support of a majority of delegates from eight or more states. That threshold has helped winnow the field, with candidates dropping out as it became clear they’d be unable to meet it.

Currently, both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have met the eight-state threshold, while Kasich, if polls of the remaining primary states hold, is highly unlikely to get there.

But top RNC strategists confirmed to reporters Thursday at the committee’s Spring Meeting that the 40b requirement amounts to little more than a technciality. Having your name put into nomination affords candidates a number of advantages, like space in the convention hall and a nominating speech. But it’s not required to ultimately win the nomination.