Notice some overlap? The 10th congressional district, with the city’s largest Jewish population, has the city’s second-largest Republican population. Trump has 65 percent support in the Staten Island-dominated 11th district, but looks weaker in the 10th, according to the Optimus survey. He has only 39.5 percent of the vote in the 10th, Kasich has 31.7 percent and Cruz has 21.3, meaning it’ll be a scrum to get one precious delegate.

And there’s a reason Cruz and Kasich haven’t spent that much time in Manhattan campaigning for votes. When you break down Republicans in the 10th district further to look only at those living in Brooklyn — remember, thanks to the wonders of gerrymandering, the 10th encompasses Manhattan’s entire West Side along with the Borough Park neighborhood, miles away on the other side of the East River — you find that there are 16,889 Republicans in Borough Park alone. Kasich headed to the neighborhood last week, hoping to turn out some of those Jewish votes, visiting a matzo factory and a school.