“I thought the best way to force an apology or some contrition was by making it public,” Weinstein told POLITICO.

Fields jumped in here, saying she doesn’t regret that Weinstein tweeted about the incident because ultimately, through the entire drama, it helped “reveal the character of [Lewandowski] and the Trump campaign.”

And that tweet is where the drama and the media frenzy began. Fields placed most of the blame on the escalation of the events on the Trump campaign, for changing their story and questioning her character. She insisted that all she ever wanted was an apology, that she went to the police just to prove she was not lying. She said the media narrative got wrapped up in litigating the details of the case — how hard she was actually pulled, why such a simple act was considered battery, whether she touched Trump first — versus how the campaign was handling what could otherwise have been a quickly resolved situation. And she questioned the tactics and motives of the Florida state attorneys who brought charges against Lewandowski but ultimately declined to pursue a case.